Animation’s NEXT

By carrying on our pioneer DNA and
wielding digital technology,
we create new global trends in Japanese anime.

ADK Group's anime business kicked off in 1963, the year that Japanese anime first hit TVs. Since then, we have worked with numerous partner companies to help them plan and produce anime works, as well as to run advertisements and promotions and create merchandise with anime characters. While steadily carrying on our DNA as a pioneer in the anime business, the ADK content business is approaching a new stage.
Empathy, enticement, yearning, fun... The word "Emotions" appears in the company name to express our desire to move people emotionally by planning and producing anime content, creating merchandise and holding events, all in the context of Japanese culture. Advances in digital technology are helping to grow the anime content market around the world. Through deeper collaboration with our many partner companies, we are building up a content business that moves people's emotions worldwide.