ADK Emotions is an IP producing company that maximizes the IP’s appeal.

  • Anime Production
    We plan, produce, finance, create TV programs, run committees and more for anime works.
  • Licensing
    We act as a liaison for using our company's works in advertising, promotions and merchandise, while also engaging in business development and productions worldwide that make use of anime content rights.
  • Merchandising
    We are involved in the merchandising, e-commerce and fan club businesses with intellectual property that includes anime, characters, artists and more.
  • Games (App-Based)
    We collaborate with game companies in game production to develop and build excitement for anime intellectual property on smartphones and mobile devices.
  • IP Marketing
    We sell packages of reserved advertising slots for anime programs, use intellectual property in advertising and promotions, organize tie-ups for films and anniversary projects, and plan and run events and performances.
  • New Business Development
    Adapting to a changing business environment, we leverage intellectual property to develop new business and the business schemes of the future.