B-伝説! バトルビーダマン

The story of B-Daman is set in a world where the old west and mysticism collide.
The people of the B-Dawolrd have played the sport of B-Daman since ancient times. While many are spectators of the sport only very few have what it takes to become a B-Daplayer and only one can become the B-Dachampion.
A young boy by the name of Yamato Delgado has been chosen to wield the most powerful B-Daman ? COBALT BLADE. Yamato must use COBALT BLADE to compete in B-Daman tournaments and defeat the evil B-Daplayers of the Shadow Alliance. During his journey, Yamato meets Gray, Bull and Terry who become his friends and part of his B-Daman team.


  • episodes:30min × 52episodes