Planet Beast lies in the far reaches of the galaxy.
The Beasts on this planet have evolved uniquely and created their own cultures on the land, under the sea, and in the air…
Mysterious sources of energy called “Godlot” can be found on Planet Beast. They are made up of a “Head Part,” “Body Part,” and “Bottom Part.” When those three parts are combined, an incredible power is gained, but with it comes the risk of disaster.
Land tribe possesses the “Fire Godlot”
Sea tribe possesses the “Water Godlot”
Sky tribe possesses the “Wind Godlot”
The Land tribe lives in “Gloria Kingdom.” Their beloved King Liogre, known as the “Fierce Iron Fist King,” has preserved peace and order on the land for many years.
However, Gloria Kingdom is put in danger when fighting over Godlot suddenly begins between the Beasts.
An epic battle between tribes over Godlot begins!!


  • episodes:30min × 26episodes