BEYBLADE The Movie- Fierce Battle
ベイブレード THE MOVIE 激闘!! タカオVS大地

At the Beyblade Japan championship, thanks to the backup of Ray, Max, Chief and Hilary, Tyson and Dragoon became the champion, getting though tough battles.
Just then, a new challenger barged in the middle of the awarding ceremony.
“Daichi” and he came to fight against Tyson, with his bit “Gaia Dragoon”; to get the glory of the Japan champion.
Dragoon vs. Gaia Dragoon; Two Beyblade sparks and crashes in to each other in the stadium!
The fight made the dark power evocate, which was sealed in ancient monuments, long time ago.
The devils power threatens the peaceful town and peoples life.
Only the bit beast can stop the bale and save everyone!
Stand up Tyson ! Roar Dragoon!
Blue Dragon, Red Chinese Phoenix, Black Tortois, White Tiger, and the fifth bit beast awaken here!!
The Light and evil unreel the Armageddon in the Southland.
What will be the ending of this story, you have to see for yourself!


  • Length:70min