The story takes place two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, the ruler of the world of darkness called the Netherworld. An Angel Trainee, Flonne is sent from heaven to assassinate the king only to find out that he was already dead two years ago. She accidentally awakes the king’s son Laharl who has been sleeping for two full years, unaware of his father’s death, while demons fought for supremacy over the Netherworld. With the help of his subordinate Etna and her underlings and Flonne, who believes that Laharl is capable of loving, the egocentric, megalomaniac Prince Laharl fights his way to become the next king.
The original work is a role-playing game known as “super-addictive” among the users. Plus, one of the hottest illustrators, Takehito HARADA took charge of its character designing. Since the release by Nippon Ichi Software Inc. in 2003, the sales reached over 200,000 units in Japan and over 120,000 units in the U.S.


  • episodes:30min × 12episodes