A “Fairy Doctor”, Lydia, was on her way on a ship to London to visit her father with Nico. She meets a well-favoured man who identifies himself as Edgar Ashenbert, a legendary “Earl of Blue Knight” and also known as the present head of the earl of fairyland, “Earl of HiBreasil”. He says he needs Lydia’s help to search for the “Treasure Sword of Merrow (marman)” which has been passed down in the Blue Knight Family. Lydia feels rather dubious about his story because he has similar appearance to a high-profile burglar, and his servant, Raven has absolute loyalty to Edgar and is willing to even commit a murder for him. On the other hand, Edgar’s behaviour almost makes innocent Lydia believe that he is a genuine nobleman and his story is true. Furthermore, Edgar seduces Lydia with sweet words all the time and she cannot hide her agitation, even though she thinks he is not serious about her.
In spite of being snatched almost like kidnapping, Lydia accepts Edgar’s offer in the end, which means she will also get involved in a conflict with hunters for the Treasure Sword. Edgar and his fellows’ past and their true identities gradually gets unveiled … Who acquires the Treasure Sword…? And Lydia’s fate goes to…?


  • episodes:30min × 12episodes