Toraji Ishida (nickname: Kojiro), a school teacher in charge of Kendo Club at Muroe high school, has no motivation for his work and does not have even enough money to buy his everyday food.
One day, Kojiro is approached by Ishibashi, his high school time senior, on a practice match of women’s kendo team competition. Kojiro starts to recruit girl members with the captain of Kendo club, Kirino Chiba, and new boy members of the club, Yuji Nakata and Danjyurou Eiga.
Through several happenings, three girls decide to join the club to win the match. Tamaki Kawazoe, the strongest swordsman, Miyako Miyazaki, Eiga’s girlfriend and a beginner, and Sayako Kuwahara, a truant member of the Kendo club. Though they are still one short to hold the practice match, the match day nears.
What is Kojiro’s secret strategy for the match?
What is the real intention behind the practice match?


  • episodes:30min × 26episodes