クロスファイト ビーダマン

The story takes place in year 20XX ? in the town of “East City,” where the toy “B-Daman” is popular with children.
“Riki Ryugasaki” is an elementary school boy in this town. He wants to be an adventurer when he grows up and his favorite word is “mystery.” Riki has a lively personality, but can be a bit of an airhead at times ? he marches to the beat of his own drum.
One day Riki is taken to his first B-Daman event by his childhood friend and classmate, “Sumi Inaba.” Although he doesn’t participate as a player, Riki’s natural curiosity sparks an interest towards B-Daman. And when Riki hears an urban legend about “a secret B-Daman tournament(?a tournament that only a very selected group of players are allowed to participate)” spreading amongst the children of the town, he is even strongly attracted to B-Daman.
Riki is sure that the story is nonsense, but just then a mysterious, unidentifiable voice calls out to him:
“Boy. There are still many things in this world that you know nothing about.”
Along with the voice, a boy, “Samuru Shigami” holding a White Dragon Type B-Daman appears.
Riki senses something overwhelming in that cool and mysterious atmosphere. Samuru walks away and disappears from the arena alone.
What is the mystery behind the B-Daman?


  • episodes:30min × 26episodes