クロスファイト ビーダマンeS

Since Riki Ryugasaki and friends saved the world from Dragold, Crestland’s B-Shots have been forced to cut ties with the World B-Daman Association (WBMA) and have begun developing advanced B-Daman technology in secret. Fearing a new conflict, the WBMA sends in undercover B-shot Samuru Shigami to investigate.
Samuru finds Crestland under the rule of Roma, the corrupted Grand B-master. He has banned the Crossfire competition style and replaced it with Road Fight, which has majorly harsh rules?the loser of a match has to do whatever the winner says!
It’s not long before Samuru meets Kamon Day, a B-shot with an unexpected story. Kamon’s memories of the past were wiped out during an intense battle against Roma, so he doesn’t know that the Grand B-master is actually his brother.
Kamon soon forms a bond with Garuburn, a B-Daman with a fiery spirit and a very familiar vibe. Slowly, his memories start to creep back…
All the while, Roma is behind the scenes, monitoring everyone’s movements and plotting against them from his hidden lair. Fuelled by dark power and backed by the powerful B-Daman Gillusion, he manipulates others into carrying out his orders.
One day, Kamon and his friends receive an exciting new mission. They’re told about the ancient legend of two Supreme Mystical Beasts? Phoenix, the guardian of the sun and light itself? and Kylin, ruler of the moon and darkness. It’s said that the powerful Phoenix B-Daman is somewhere in Crestland, and that Roma’s already looking for it. Their only hope is to find it first!
The race against Roma to capture Phoenix takes complex twists and turns before arriving at one of the largest tournaments Crestland has ever seen. Will Roma and Gillusion conquer, or can Kamon and the WBMA bring freedom to Crestland? With awesome new B-Daman, state-of-the-art emblem charge upgrades, innovative versions of the game, decked-out battlefields and fierce B-shots, the road to victory is bound to be a fiery one. Ready, aim, Fireblast!


  • episodes:30min × 26episodes