爆球Hit! クラッシュビーダマン

Hitto Tamaga living on his own after his father had gone missing, receives a Crash B-Daman, his first B-Daman, as his birthday present from his missing father.
“Crash your adversity!”
Holding this message from his father in his heart, Hitto makes up his mind to participate in B-Daman battle tournament called “B-1 Crash Cup.”
Through the battles, Hitto encounters a lot of rivals and sometimes develops friendships with them.
After the tournament, he comes to know about a secret society of rascal B-ders who find reason for living only in crashing. What is their true purpose? And what secret is there behind Hitto’s B-Daman?
Go! Fight, Hitto! Crash the evils and grab your future in your own hand!


  • episodes:30min × 50episodes