ベイブレードバースト ダイナマイトバトル

Months after the final stages of the Ultimate Tag Series, rumors begin to circulate about Phantom’s Gate, a graveyard for Beys.


Hearing screams from a nearby mansion night after night, Bashara Suiro sneaks inside to test his courage. Waiting for him is one Bel Daizora, wielder of the Quad Bey Destruction Belfyre. As it turns out, this mansion is the rumored Phantom’s Gate, and the screams Bashara hears are the cries of Bladers whose Beys have been destroyed. Bel issues a challenge to Bladers all over the world to come and battle him.


In response, Blading royalty appears in the form of Lui Shirosagi. Even as Raid Lúinor chases Belfyre down with its intense attacks, Belfyre shows off the awesome power of the Quad System, matching its foe blow-for-blow. In response to Bel’s devastating battle, Blading Legends all over the world set their sights on this Dark Prince. And from the crowd, emerges a new Blader who might just topple the Dark Prince.


Having made an enemy of every Blader in the world, the curtain’s about to rise on Bel’s legend as the Dark Prince!


  • Format:TV Animation
  • Broadcast Start:2021
  • Target:Boys
  • Episode:26
  • Length(min):22