There are worlds in which Beys other than Beywheelz exist!
Sho, Jin, and Leon traveled from the world of the previous series of Beywheelz to a different world. There they discover a new type of Bey called Beyraiderz and begin to battle with them.
Long ago, six Mythic Beasts inhabited this world. With their power, they protected the land and ensured peace and prosperity. The people battled with the Beyraiderz they received from the Mythic Beasts and spent their days in happiness. Then one day the six Mythic Beasts suddenly disappeared. Without their protection the world fell into decline.
Sho and the other five Battlers who have been chosen by the Mythic Beasts can revive the six Mythic Beasts by competing in Beyraiderz Battles to gain power for them. With the hope of returning the world to its former glory, they search for ancient, abandoned arenas in which to battle.
Can Sho and his friends return the world to its former state?


  • episodes:30min × 13episodes